Crunchy Mom

It’s a cool thing we humans do with language: I read the term “super-crunchy” in an article and instantly thought, “…I think that’s me.” Here’s what Urban Dictionary says it is: “persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons.” I would adjust that to include human-conscious reasons. So that means we buy organic not just because it’s better for the field and surrounding areas where it was grown, but because the people who picked the lettuce will live longer, healthier lives, and my family and I just might, too.

I ran across this term in an article about vaccinating your kids. (Amen, sister.) I admit, I considered not vaccinating my son. Hear me out: we’re at the pediatrician’s office and two nurses come in and tell us to hold him down so they can give him shots. “Shots? What kind of shots?” They had to go find info sheets on what it was they were giving him. So there, I thought about not, but then again, I didn’t want him contracting rubella, measles, mumps, and the like.

The author said it’s usually super-conservative or super-crunchy types that don’t vaccinate, and that they’re usually very different camps. Actually, I’m probably part of the small population in the Venn diagram that overlaps them both – not completely, but I’ve got a foot in each. Crunchy: our future house is very possibly going to be off-the-grid. Conservative: yay big business. Crunchy: I make bread, applesauce, and yogurt. Conservative: 10% goes to the church. Crunchy: I’m a stay-at-home mom diapering my baby in cloth, collecting rainwater for plants, selling a natural alternative skincare line (Arbonne) from home. Conservative: we have a 401k and a lot of our money is in long term, high yield stocks.

So put that in your local honey-sweetened granola with almond milk and chew on it.

...and we garden. Like fools. Wherever that falls.

…and we garden. Like fools. Wherever that falls.


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