New site!

Hello, dear ones. There’s an update!

New site!

It’s tough – write it down – www.crumkunst.com. See, you gotta take out the “.wordpress” part of the address. That’s right!… our own domain!

Come on over and celebrate with us with some free music.


The end. 


Knitting = Love

Guys, I love knitting. I learned how to crochet in 5th grade from my teacher, Mrs. Lingenfelder. We’d have free time where we watched educational videos each day, and my best friend and I sat by her desk instead, learning to crochet chains. From 5th grade ad infinitum, I crocheted everything I possibly could (without reading a pattern, meaning everything with fairly straight edges). Friends and family got laptop cases, camera baggies, Game Boy pouches, and scarves – oh they got scarves.

But my pastor’s wife… she knits. She’d be knitting away during sermons, parties, Bible studies. What beautiful creations! And how do those two needles work like that?? At the time, the friend giving me job training also knit, so Heather taught me the cast on, Stacey taught me the knit, and the Internet taught me the rest.

My first real pattern was a sock. I remember following the instructions and holding it up going, “I have no idea what this is doing.”  And then I got to the end, and voila! it was a sock! Patterns are like magic!

But my first actual attempt at following a pattern was a washcloth. It took me so long – it was the only thing I gave my Granny that year because it was such an accomplishment. So here: this is a link to one free knit washcloth pattern, gratis Knit Picks. Maybe this’ll be the start of your knitting fancy, too.

(By the way, that was just two years ago I picked up knitting, and I’m currently working on spinning yarn for a sweater for my husband. It’s like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” – careful. You don’t know what you’re getting into.)

KnitPicks.com is offerng a year of free weekly washcloth patterns. Sign up for their newsletter to get them all!


New and Recommended Music – 31 Jan 2014 edition

Jan. 31 / Feb. 7, 2014

Jan. 31 / Feb. 7, 2014

New and Recommended

Hospitality, “It’s Not Serious”  —  Like the Moldy Peaches, but on-key. Lah lah lah indie music.

So, that’s all this week. They have a list of “Movie Trailers: What’s That Song?” and what’s playing on Shaun White’s iPod, but you’ll have to check out the magazine for that – I’m just here for what’s new and recommended. But there’s always what I recommend!

Crumkunst’s Pick

U2, “Invisible (Red Edit)”  —  This is an external link to download this song for free! Aren’t you glad you stopped by today? And, do I really need to describe a U2 song to you?