We do this a lot: sum ourselves up in a succinct section titled “About”. What does one hope to find in a blog’s “About” section? If it were a cooking blog, you would probably find out how they first became passionate about preparing food. If it’s a home décor site, the author would likely list his resume and body of published work. Likewise, the “About” sections of Tom and Ray, the Tappet Brothers of the Car Talk radio show, includes their education and relevant anecdotes of their mechanic experience.

All of this brings us back to this “About”. You’re here to find out about me and why you should be reading my blog. I can’t say there’s much about me that sets me apart from other bloggers: I’m a stay-at-home mom with an almost-11-month-old son (we joke that, when you measure life in months, it’s always “almost” another milestone). I was fast friends with my husband for five years before I had any romantic interest in him; I blame the five inches of height difference I have over him. My education includes the vaguely-named public school of West Branch, where my graduating class was around 90, and Grove City College, a much more competitive school than its community-college-sounding name suggests.

West Branch, home of the Warriors

Little known fact: I qualified for my high school’s “enrichment” (read: “gifted”) program, was third in my class, graduated from college cum laude, and am currently this close to achieving my Master’s Degree – but haven’t the faintest what I’ll use any of that for.

Grove City College
Grove City College

Meanwhile, I’ve finally learned to be at peace with the life I’ve been called to, with aforementioned husband and son, here in rural Pennsylvania where we can only see another house when it’s winter and the corn has been reaped. Praise be to God!

Regent University


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